Icon Set : Ponkan

“Ponkan” – Icons for HAIKU




  • Licence : MIT(X11)
  • Author : MASUDA mitiya
  • ライセンス : MIT(X11)
  • 著作者 : 桝田道也


16px 32px 64px 16px 32px 64px
harddisk harddisk_16.png harddisk_32.png harddisk_64.png
folder folder_close_16.png folder_close_32.png folder_close_64.png folder_open_16.png folder_open_32.png folder_opened_64.png
CD-ROM cd_16.png cd_32.png cd_64.png
text file text_16.png text_16.png text_16.png
image file image_16.png image_32.png image_34.png
generic executable  app_16.png app_32.png app_64.png
trash can trash_empty_16.png trash_empty_16.png trash_empty_16.png trash_full_16.png trash_full_16.png trash_full_16.png
archive archive_16.png archive_32.png archive_64.png
styled edit styled_edit_16.png styled_edit_32.png styled_edit_64.png
person person_16.png person_32.png person_64.png
screen prefs screen_16.png screen_32.png screen_64.png
background prefs  background_16.png background_32.png background_64.png
bookmark bookmark_16.png bookmark_32.png bookmark_64.png
email email_16.png email_32.png email_64.png
query query_16.png query_32.png query_64.png
mediaplayer mediaplayer_16.png mediaplayer_32.png mediaplayer_64.png

What’s mean “Ponkan”?

The “Ponkan” is citrus fruit.It is the Japanese name of Tangerine.I like it.

“PONKAN” – ja.wikipedia


Koki うお!!!格好いいですね!!

TPH Sorry to type in english, but the Ponkan icon set above this is very excellent artwork.
Hope below is the submit button :-)
MASUDA mitiya openbeos@freelists.org にメールを送りました。
submit button はどこにあるのでしょう?
Koki MASUDAさん、ども、Kokiです。

openbeos@freelists.org MLには入会していますか?

mmu_man Except some inconsistencies on the point of view (top right, left, …) which breaks with the tradition this looks very interesting.
frankps Konnichiwa Masuda Mitiya-san,

the icons are looking great. Please keep up the good work.

Ja mata ne!

johndrinkwater I love the person icon, very original!
MASUDA mitiya >mmu_man
Sorry,The exception was not avoided.

Thank you.

"People Icon" served as a model.
ken1 bookmark がしおりで email が葉書というのが気に入りました。
それと trash can に入っている魚には笑わせてもらいました。このアイコンならごみ箱を空にしたくないですw
MASUDA mitiya GUI 史上で最も優れたゴミ箱アイコンって System 1 ~System 7 の、
なんで OS8 で止めてしまったのか理解できませんね。
remi I really like:
– hard Disk (wow !)
– Textfile
– StyleEdit
– Query (perfect !)
– MediaPlayer (nice)

I feel Folder and Person too much OS 9 inspired.
Also, the generic executable have no common point with others except the cartoon style (strange 3D effect to me)

As Mmu_man, i feel the left and right changing perspective strange.

But in a global way, i pretty like it !!
syrek 1. I think the 16×16 icons need to be 2D, because they lose user feedback there. expecially: harddisk, cdrom and ppl
2. The ppl icon is not my thing, but that’s just 1 opinion

But aside that I really love your icons.
MASUDA mitiya >remi
MacOS(classic) is a good teacher.

I think that your opinion is correct.
I hurried up.
The correction of 16px icon was omitted.
Sikosis Yes, the People icon is very nice and I don’t mind the Trash either, I like the idea of the fish being in there :)
bs0 People, Trash and Query icons look very nice :)
Meanwhile You use interesting and attractive colors…I like Media Player, Query, Styled Edit, Archive and CD-ROM.
Another high quality iconset, congratulations !
Meanwhile The longer I look at them, the more I like them.
bambadramba Joops, great work!

I think you have got some great and clever ideas, like the query icon, preferences apps with checkmark as backgrond, and the hdd icon is gorgeous (my suggestion for haiku guidelines, the disk icon should look like your).

Some critics too, there is not a unique axonometric projection, you toggle from isometric (ie query) to cavalier perspective (ie cd-rom).

And a question : why there is a fish in the trash-can?
kirilla In earlier versions of BeOS the fish was used as the icon of broken symlinks. And where do broken symlinks go? In the trashcan! :)) Very funny!
Koki こうやってみると、中々良いですね。


heuptling Beside the perspective stuff a very nice done theme. I especially like the colors and the style and…
Wait a moment! I think I just like it and would use it every day :)
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